Veneer trays and baskets for foodstuffs


We produce diverse veneer baking cases and various shapes and sizes of trays and baskets of wood veneer for fruits and vegetables, berries , mushrooms, nuts and dried fruits, seafood, various confectionery products.

Our packaging can be fastened with metal staples or threads according to the customer's request. 

  • Natural, environmental friendly packing.
  • The manufacture  by customer's specifications is  possible.
  • The package are being made from top quality sliced veneer.
  • At the Customer’s request, a hot stamping image can be applied .The quality surface of the veneer allows applying images of any complexity.  
  • Manufacturing capacity of  “RaVitoPak” is able to provide you with solid and stable supply of veneer packaging.

The wood veneer packaging is natural, eco-friendly, aesthetic packaging, supporting the favorable appearance of your product!

We are confident that our products will not disappoint you!