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Environmentally friendly packing made of natural wood veneer is widely used for packaging various products, in the first instance, alimentary ones.

The manufacturers appreciate such a packing, because it emphasizes the naturalness of the product, distinguishes the company's products among similar ones, while the embossing on the packing helps the customer to remember better the brand and to find out easier the preferred goods on the shelf at the next visiting the store. The consumers perfectly perceive such packing, appreciating its environmental friendliness, the possibility of a subsequent use and the ease of disposal without harm to nature.

Our standard product line as of today includes trays, baskets, and boats, round boxes of veneer. You can be acquainted with packing samples from natural wood veneer by sending us a request for samples. Our site will provide you a preview of our packaging of wood veneer.

We are open for discussing any issues and are ready to offer you our vision of the best solution, depending on the kind of veneer packing you are interested in, the products you need to pack, and the quantity of product you need to pack.

Being aware of your requirements to packaging, we will shortly prepare specific offers on the product range and the terms of cooperation.

The production capacity of RaVitoPak is able to ensure a solid and stable supply of packaging from veneer.

We look forward to collaborating!

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 Our production

RaVitoPak / Veneer Box<br />for cheese Camembert and Brie

RaVitoPak / Veneer Box
for cheese Camembert and Brie

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RaVitoPak / Veneer Trays and Baskets<br />for food

RaVitoPak / Veneer Trays and Baskets
for food

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About the packing of veneer


In the modern world, the safety and naturalness of packaging is very important. Therefore, in recent years, veneer is so popular, combining environmental friendliness, stylish design and affordable cost.

For the veneer-sawing industry, we use hardwood, which is not subjected to chemical processing, therefore our veneer is identical in characteristics to natural wood. The veneer is a natural and fully biodegradable material.

The veneer packing does not contaminate the environment after use, decomposing in a natural way.

The hardwood veneer products do not contain wood resins that can spoil the product, such a packing is free from impurities and chemically active substances harmful to human health that can contaminate the products.

The manufacturers all over the world choose packaging made of veneer for its environmental friendliness, practicality and naturalness.

Most of the manufacturers of Camembert cheese use only stapled veneer boxes , which excludes any extraneous influence on the cheese during its curing.

Such a packing is perceived by the consumers as a guarantee of quality and an integral part of the image of high-quality Camembert cheeses.



There are many options for the use of boxes, baskets and trays of veneer set, we list only some of them: boxes for cheeses, baking and prepackaging cases for confectionery products and pastry, for basket picnic serving and similar arrangements (catering), for berries, nuts, dried fruits, mushrooms and seafood, for prepackaging vegetables and fruits, as decorative packaging for various goods.