Furnierbox für Käse Camembert und Brie


Company "RaVitoPak" specializes in the manufacture of boxes of natural woods veneer for Camembert, Brie and similar cheeses.


  • Natural, environmental friendly packing.
  • The boxes are being assembled on staples.
  • The standard diameter of boxes is 90/100/110/120 mm, the height being from 25 mm up to 45 mm.The manufacture of boxes by customer's specifications is also possible.
  • The boxes are being made from top quality sliced veneer.
  • At the Customer’s request, a hot stamping image can be applied to the lid and / or the sidewall of the box. The quality surface of the box allows applying images of any complexity.
  • Manufacturing capacity of  “RaVitoPak” is able to provide you with solid and stable supply. 

The true Camembert is always packed in a veneer box assembled on staples .

In such a package, the cheese is perfectly stored; the veneer allows the cheese to “breathe” and provides the most comfortable conditions for curing.

The use of the box on staples is due to the technology - Camembert is curing in the box, therefore, the materials allowing the cheese to "breathe" and not contain any volatile components are being used for its manufacturing. Any and all for the purposes of excluding any influence of off-odors on Camembert in the process of its curing. 

This is also due to the image - Camembert belongs to the upscale varieties of cheese, which are traditionally packed in a box of natural wood veneer, for which the use of a glued cardboard box is inappropriate.

A round veneer box with a pattern burned on the lid is a real symbol of the world famous French cheese Camembert.

We are confident that our products will not disappoint you!